I couldn’t contain this happiness! :D

Warning: fragment statements because of immeasurable happiness.

I have fallen in love with this person for more than a year and continuously loving him from afar.

This is a one-way love.

I am just embracing this ‘feeling’ of adoration.

Hoping that one day, all my wishes will come true.

Praying that one day, God will grant me this ‘desire’.

I am happy that he is happy.

What I received today (a poster of Michael Schumacher in his Formula 1 car) is such a surprise.

I really did not expect this.

I have no other interpretation of his thoughtful gesture.

I think he is just being nice. Period. And yeah, I love it.

So thank you for pampering my humble adoration, love and affection towards you.

I know you will never be mine, but I hope that we will be good friends. (Yes, close friends.)

I will always be here, loving you from afar.

Here’s freakygra from MNL hoping to see the beautiful land of KL and of course, YOU. Hoping to see you soon.


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