Awesome Singapore!

Super late blog entry.

Anyway… God graciously blessed me (and my brother) the chance to travel abroad (kung maka-abroad, akala mo ang layo. haha!) early 2011. This was supposedly a family trip, but Dad and Mom opted to stay.

We’re like super excited – yeah, first timers! First time to travel outside the country! Wohooo!

I warned my feet that the next 3 days will be exhausting for us, yet I know, it would be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Bye for now, Manila!

See you in 3 1/2 hours Singapura!

Entering the territory of Singapore.

1st agenda: Money Changer! Kaching-kaching!

Right after we exit Changi Airport… the question was: “What’s next!?? Where to go!??” Thanks to their transportation system! We easily learned how to go to our hotel 🙂

First meal: 7/11. (Hanggang dito ba naman? Haha!)

Orchard Road – shopping area! Kamown! O_o

We had our dinner at McDonald’s, Orchard Road. We ate along the street 🙂

Time check: 7.45 Pm – pero ang liwanag pa diba? Amazing!!

Ganito mag-sampay sa Singapore 🙂 Cute!

Excited me, haha! @ Balesteir Road.

Vivo City.


Page One. (closed na sya ngayon :c sad. super.)


Life-sized M&M’s! Haha.

Universal Studios! Oh yeah! ^_______^

Puss and Boots!

Beware of Ogres!

First rice meal! Finally, haha!

Jurassic Park

Revenge of the Mummy!

Marilyn Monroe. lol

Washington? NOT. 🙂


Merlion Park.

Esplanade Bridge

Marina Bay.

Thanks for providing network to our mobile phones! Hihi ;p

Heading back to Changi Airport.


Bye Singapore! See you again, sooooooooooon!

Happy Feet, indeed! =)

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