Short-term Memory Loss?

I am currently taking my Masters in Psychology (my Bachelor’s degree is also Psychology). I enrolled Advanced Psychometrics this semester – the prerequisite of this subject are Theories of Personality and Psychometrics (both subjects I took in the undergrad).

[Just a brief background (for non-Psychology majors), [Advanced] Psychometrics is about test administration, scoring and interpretation of various Psychological Tests – individual and group tests for mental ability, interests, values and personality as a whole of a person.]

During the discussion last night, our Professor discussed about the History of Psychological Testing, difference between Psychological Testing from Psychological Assessment; and what makes a Psychological Test different from other tests. Yes, I know that we’ve studied these before but I hate myself for not remembering what have been discussed during my under grad. (My bad, huhuhu. It was like, 6 years ago?) Some of my classmates in the Grad School were so competitive, reciting those concepts stored in their minds. But there I was, trying hard to remember every single term/concept being discussed. Oh how I hate myself. :(((( I love this subject pa naman.

So I am going to read Kaplan and Sacuzzo again to catch up  memories/concepts/terms in my subconscious mind. I know they’re there. I just need to recall them.

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