Beautiful Saigon! (Ho Chi Minh City)

Another super late blog entry.

God is soooo gracious. Second travel abroad! This time, I traveled with my friends 🙂

Together again, Chucks. ♥

Bye Manila! (11.oo pm flight frightened me a little)

We had a little trouble paying our taxi bill. The meter measured: “VND 128.000” We paid the driver VND 128. Then he got a little mad, he was trying to explain something to us but we can’t understand him. Good thing our hotel attendant assisted us, took our money, counted VND 128,000 and paid the driver. Then we understood why he got mad. Oooops, sorry!

USD = VND conversion

Vietnamese Coffee tastes sooooo good! 🙂

Free breakfast!

View from our hotel. Clean version of the streets in Manila.

On our way to Ben Thanh Market.




I find this luggage cute 🙂



Most of the time, we communicate by calculator. Look, they have three zeros!

Green Cab! ♥

We watched a Football game! Wohoooo!

War Remnants Museum.

Reading Saigon’s history… .

“May Peace Prevail On Earth”

Notre Dame Church.

Bought pancakes along the street of Ly Tu Trong.

Saigon Opera House.

We had lunch at Lotteria. Their version of Jollibee ~.<

Water Puppet Show.

Dinner at Tau Saigon. Errrr. Fried Chicken lang yung alam kong kainin! 😦

Saigon River Cruise. I think this will be more fun if you are with your lover. Yayks! 🙂

Meron din pala silang atis! Ang saya!

Dragon Fruit!

You can buy North Face and Crumpler Bags at Bagvina 🙂

Can’t resist the coffeeeeeeeeee!

Dinner at Jollibee!

Last-minute-shopping at Ben Thanh Night Market.


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