Danke, Michael.

‎”All I know is, I’m still good enough.”
-Michael Schumacher.

I was only 12 when I became a fan of Michael Schumacher. I became addicted to it: I bought all sports magazine having him in the cover; I made a scrapbook about his F1 career; I never missed a single episode of Formula 1 back then (I even made a contract with my family that I own the remote every weekend, haha lol); I bought Schumi-Ferrari shirts, posters; I was even a member of various online forums discussing Schumi-related issues. Then 2006 came, he announced his retirement with the team and with the sport. I didn’t miss him though, for he became a Consultant with Ferrari. But he returned with the sport having a 3-year contract with Ferrari’s most rival team, Mercedes. I was shocked, really. Nevertheless, I am glad. For I can see him racing again. Racing has been his life. Watching him race has been my life. I was never given a chance to watch a race live. But I know I will. I just don’t know when, and which grand prix. Yes I claim it, I will. And now, his 3-year contract with Mercedes come to an end. Tonight will be his last race. Yes, I’m getting emotional. Readers may find me weird, sorry. Michael Schumacher and Formula 1 has been and will always be my first love. I claim it too, that God will grant me to see you. 😉 Danke, Michael. Ich liebe dich. The legend of Formula 1.


Credits to the owner of the photo.

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