Random bucket list

As of January 19, 2014:

1. Finish my MA degree
2. Visit Korea!!!
3. Check out the beauty of Batanes
4. Buy foldie bike and bring it along with Bolt, therefore making it my new hobby (with Dad!)
5. Buy iPad mini 2 with retina display
6. To be in a relationship…..perhaps?
7. Blackberry Q5
8. Shift / move in my career
9. Go all the way to Sagada
10. To finally tell him that I love him so much and it’s making me crazy, and I know I’m nothing to him. Therefore, I want to move on and shift my attention
11. Drive my parents for a vacation and let them enjoy the beauty of nature
12. Road trip anywhere with anybody without prior plans. In short, biglaan!
13. Continue my drums lessons
14. Engage myself in cooking/baking… Because according to my Mom, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (hahahaha)
15. Save money
16. Go beachin’
17. Visit Sky Ranch and to dine again at Sonya’s Garden because I am craving for their Tarragon tea!!!
18. Sunset at Caleruega is the best and I want to go back again
19. Invest in buying a property somewhere North like Zambales, La Union, Subic…
20. Learn to eat more vegetables and be conscious of the foods I eat

….. .

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