Slowly completing my 25 wishes..

I turned 25 last year. I have lived through God’s grace for a quarter life 🙂 As I thank God for His continuous blessings in my life, I listed my 25 birthday wishes. Up-to-date, I am slowly completing it 🙂 #AsOf2014Feb3

1. F N I S H T H S B K by Keri Smith
I really love challenges and this book is a real challenge!


2. The Pocket Scavenger by Keri Smith
I am sentimental and I keep souvenirs. I think that explains why I like this book.


3. Car vacuum cleaner for Bolt
Achieved! February 2, 2014 #ThankYouLord

4. Parking space.. . hahahaha!
As we all know… . we have limited parking slots in the office. 😐
Semi-achieved? Thanks to Manong Rey for reserving a slot for me, though 🙂 #ThankYouLord

Image Source

5. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea
I super looooove the smell, and of course…the color!
Achieved! September 2013 #ThankYouLord


6. A pair of Palladium Boots!
I’m a ‘sneakers’-type of girl, and I feel most comfortable wearing this type of shoes.

Image Source

7. Complete set of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream
Second to brow liner, lip sticks are my make up buddy!

Image Source

8. Honda Jazz Toy Car 
Because I have a Jazz car, I want to have a toy replica of it. Hihi ;p
Achieved! October 2013 #ThankYouLord


9. Samsung NX300 DigiSLR
I love travelling. I love taking pictures. I am into (photo)blogging.
Achieved! November 2, 2013 #ThankYouLord


10. Gavino’s Pon de Ring donuts! 
(Glazed, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, and Green Tea Glazed)
Those chewy donuts! Drooooooooool!

10Image Source from Gavino’s FB page

11. Travel to Batanes 
I have been to different places, but Batanes is really breath taking!

Image Source

12. Drums Set!!!!! \m/
My new stress outlet! HAHAHAHA!

Image Source

13. 5A Maple Green Zildjian Drumstick
Achieved! October 2013 #ThankYouLord


14. Green Mini Foldable Bike 

Image Source

15. To meet Marlon Stöckinger again ❤ ❤ ❤
Why are F1 drivers so hot?
Achieved! January 11, 2014 #ThankYouLord


16. Panda Sunglasses: Monroe Black
Waaaaaaaaaa, I super want to have one. Kaso it’s so pricey! ;[

16Image Source

17. Skirts
Uhm, I think I have a lot already. Lol 🙂
Achieved! #ThankYouLord

Image Source

18. New iPad3 case
My iPad case needs to be replaced already.

Image Source

19. Overnight stay at Sofitel

Image Source

20. Necklace with Cross pendant
I unintentionally misplaced my necklace almost the same as this one  😦
Achieved! February 12, 2014 #ThankYouLord


Image Source

21. iPhone 5c 🙂
Green phone with Black case

Image Source

22. How I wish Bolt is forever like this: Full tank!


23. A hug from Bolt’s dad. Lol

24. And oh, a dinner date looks nice, too.. #dreamon

25. Meet and greet with Michael Schumacher

Image Source

Credits to the owner of the photos other than those of _ingradible 🙂

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