Okay…so I was wearing my favorite shirt with a simple print on it, stating a capital letter A.


I was about to have lunch with the gang, including the ‘A’pple of my eye whose name starts the letter A… When he spontaneously asked: “Bakit letter A yung suot mo??”

Errr. Caught off guard. 5 seconds silence. Then I panicked.

But he persistently continued, “Alvin and the Chipmunks?”

Waaaah! Didn’t he REALLY know why? I was so tempted to answer the real deal but my ADRELNALINE [ insert spelling autocorrect here. lol ] forced me otherwise.

My funny answer then? I simply said and sung, “Alvin and the Chipmunks? No! Simply because… A – you’re adorable…. B – you’re so beautiful…. C – you’re so cute and full of charm!”

He laughed. Then WE laughed.

Almost everybody knows I like him. Is he that dense…not to figure things out? Or, he really knows for a fact but he’s just taking things light because he’s so nice and gentle? Or he’s just cool about it?

Nevertheless, I really like this A-person. He’s so witty, intelligent, responsible, neat, and gentle!

05 December 2014.


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