Ready, Set, Build! Shell Toy Lego Cars

Car enthusiast… even with toy cars! Played Lego when I was younger, too. Good thing Shell offered another Lego collection this year and I must say… I’m so delighted! So here they are:

Blue (1)

Ferrari 250 GTO

Blue (2)

Please don’t mind my nail polish. LOL 😛

Blue (3)

Blue (4)

Blue (5)

Blue (6)

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Red (1)

Red (2)

Red (3)

Ferrari F138

F1 (1)

F1 (2)

The tires are ready!

F1 (3)

Here’s my brother pinch hittin’ to build these toys 🙂

F1 (4)

F1 (5)

Ferrari 512 S

Yellow (1)

Yellow (2)

Yellow (3)

Yellow (4)

Finish Line & Podium

Chequered Flag (1)

Chequered Flag (2)

Shell Station

Shell (1)

Shell (2)

Shell (3)

2014 The New Shell V-Power Nitro+ Lego Collection

Shell (4)

With other Shell Lego Collectibles

Shell (5)

But wait! There’s one more: The Shell Tanker

Truck (1)

Truck (2)

Truck (3)

Truck (4)

Truck (5)

Ready, Set, Build!

Complete Red (4)

Shell Station

Shell Station (1)

Ferrari Pit Garage

Ferrari Pit Garage (3)

An actual F1 race

F1 Race (3)

It wouldn’t be complete without the luxury cars

Luxury Cars (1)

Luxury Cars (5)

Luxury Cars (6)

I’m the happiest! Thank you Shell and Lego! 🙂

Complete Black (3)


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