Slowly getting back :)

Okay. So I was busy for the past 3+ years.

I entered Graduate School and finally finished my post-graduate studies. I juggled time at work, school, family, and Church.  Thru God’s grace, He guided me from start to finish. Thanks be to God. During these times, I was idle and most of time, missing in action. My friends and colleagues usually hang out, and there was me – rushing to go home to study / to prepare for my presentation / to work on my thesis / etc. I know I have lotta shortcomings to my dear friends and I sincerely apologize for that. Back at home, I usually lock myself in my room. Zoning out and focusing on my tasks at school. Sorry Dad. Sorry Mom. Sorry sib. But yeah, I was like this for the past 3+ years.

Now that I graduated, I am slowly getting back. 🙂

1. Doing grocery for the family and for my toiletry needs (you know, girl issues. lol)
2. Exercise
3. Random chitchat with random people around me
4. Reading novels
5. Watching K-dramas
6. Coffee sesh with friends
7. Going out on Saturdays
8. Travelling!
9. Me-time 🙂
10. Writing, blogging, photography
11. Long conversations with Dad, Mom, and sib
12. Shopping / Malling
13. Proper food intake
14. Driving anywhere.. . faraway!
15. Being spontaneous with different activities

More to come!

23 June 2015


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