Fan much? Fun much!

I actually won a Meet and Greet & Pit Walk Pass from Globe Slipstream 2.0 event at BGC held yesterday, June 27, 2015. I was like screaming in the office, late night, when I saw my IG handle from the list of winners!

The mechanics of the contest was to simply post your selfie with Marlon Stockinger with the caption:

” #IWantToMeetMarlon at #GlobeSlipstream on June 27 at BGC dahil iba ang #BilisNgPinoy ”

And so I made a collage out of the 5 selfies I have with the Prince of Speed! There were only 50 winners, and guess what? I got the 50th spot.

Haha! I’m so blessed, right? Thank You Lord! 🙂 


Fan much? Fun much!

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