Globe Slipstream 2.0

Globe held the first Slipstream event at BGC last year. It was really fun! I was able to try Pastor Maldonado’s F1 car simulator. Gawd, it was really difficult! I was always in the curb! I can’t bear the square-shaped steering wheel!

This year, Globe held Slipstream 2.0! Compared last year when I tried my luck to see Marlon Stockinger up close (which I was successful), this year I won a Meet and Greet & Pit Walk Pass from Globe! Some people from the event asked me, “Are you a fan of Marlon Stockinger?” To which I answered, “Yes, I came to know him because of my interest in motor sports. Particularly, Formula 1. My first love is actually the Formula 1 Legend, Michael Schumacher!”

I haven’t tried to see a real Formula 1 race, but hey, the sound of the car engine never failed to give me goosebumps! I had a cargasm, really. 

Thanks to Globe, I was able to go near the Pit Garage and gave me another chance to meet the Prince of Speed, Marlon Stockinger! ♥ Which reminds me, when are they gonna upload our pictures?



So close yet so far.


2nd run with donuts!




Why so gwapo? ♥


3rd and final run 🙂

He really stood out from the crowd! ♥


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