Go island hopping at Matnog, Sorsogon

Sorsogon is located in the southern part of Luzon. It is the gateway to the island of Visayas via Roro. From Manila, it is a 15-hour land travel. Woooosh, talk about loooooooooong travel. But believe me, it is really worth it!

How to get to Matnog (From Quezon City): There are many bus lines going to Matnog at Cubao Bus Terminal across Shopwise/Ali Mall. Fare starts at P 1,000.00+ one-way.

Welcome to Matnog Port!

From Matnog Port, you need to ride a boat going to Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary, Subic Beach, Calintaan Cave, and Tikling Island. Travel time: less than an hour. There are no entrance fees but I suggest you share a significant amount to the caretakers.

Matnog Tourism Office Environment Fee: P 70.00 / head
Boat Man : Kuya Nong Evasco (0910-5796383)
Rate: P 2,000.00 (Overnight) P1,600.00 (Day tour)

Mount Bulusan

First stop: Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Very very clear water!

Feeding time!


Second stop: Subic Beach

There are cottages in the island which you can rent for around P 300 – P 500. If you wish to stay overnight, Nanay caretaker offers her room but you also need to pay for the rent. I suggest to bring your own tent and sleep near the shore. I also suggest to bring foods and drinks; there are no sari-sari store in the island. Kuya bangkero can assist you in preparing foods. In case you forgot to bring something, you can also ask kuya bangkero to go back to Matnog proper to buy some. But you need to pay for the gas consumption of their boat.

Breathtaking, right? ♥

Rock formations

Oh, hello there!

I was expecting to see either sunrise or sunset by the beach. But unfortunately, the island is situated in between mountains. So we weren’t able to see Mr. Sun. Best effort shots:

Goooood morning!

No regrets, just love. ♥

The best part? Drinking 3-in-1 coffee by the beach! Simple joys! XD

Third stop: Calintaan Cave

We were supposed to go deep into the waters and pass through the cave, but we opted not to. The current of the sea water is a bit unstable.

Fourth and last stop: Tikling Island

Tikling island is a private property so we were only allowed to stay for like 15 minutes. Swam a little, took photos, pack up.

Clear – Green – Blue

I will definitely go back here! Sweet escape!

Thank you Reverie for taking this picture. Oink oink alert. LOL 🙂

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