Copy & Complete: Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book is the new craze! Just like those who escape toxic from work by destressing through art therapy, I also got hooked with this fad! 🙂

I recently bought these items from Fullybooked. There are a lot of coloring books to choose from, but I got interested with Barron’s Amazing Copycat Coloring Book.

Why? Well…

1. I am not that artsy-fartsy type of girl and I have decision-issues, haha. I can’t decide which color to use in shading patterns. But this copycat book offers a twist which inspires self-expression through imitation.

2. I hate detailed floral patterns / mandalas / etc.  It’s so small and too difficult for me to finish. But this copycat book offers action-packed patterns like motorcycle, rocketship, animals, cars; which are mostly my interest.

3. I paid for P299 only. Other books cost P475 up.

I also bought these SAX (36) color pencils which costs P475.

So here’s my first accomplished piece:

Copy…. and color! Happy coloring! Brooom!


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