No to relapse?

You’re in love with someone for yearsssss and can no longer contain the feelings.

A. Tell this person how much you love him
B. Forget the feelings, move on, grow up!
C. Wait for the right time to confess
D. Maintain the friendship and let the universe see if it can grow deeper

I have been contemplating for yearsssss already.

May 14, 2015: I broke down, cried, released all my frustrations, and hid the admiration. I decided to stop.

But lately, the supressed feelings haunted me. As much as I want to forget this irrational love, it grows and grows..

The reality?

Unrequited love. I know I know…. since day 1. So I never worked on my feelings. I never assumed. I never made a single move. Since I have no courage to tell you how I feel, can you just reject me so I can finally put an end to this admiration?

But I can’t help but like this person.

He is a man full of substance. Very smart and witty.

He is weird – – really. And I am so fond of all his weirdness.

He is independent and kind of introvert. But when he speaks – he shares a lot 🙂 And I just love listening to his stories and his small nasal voice.

He is stable and capable financially.

He is sooooo mysterious and he is driving me sooooo crazy.

Here we go again, inGradible. Relapse.

31 October 2015


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