Passion vs. Disregard

Have your ever felt soooo passionate over something? You are driven to excel, perform better, and be efficient at all times.  No matter how difficult and how complex tasks may be, it doesn’t matter. You just simply love what you’re doing.

On one hand, you have a conditioned mind and heart in every-day-every-task-every-endeavor. But on the other hand, there are other external forces crashing that mind set: the people & the system.

Just like when you’re in a one-sided relationship and you exert more effort on dealing with the differences: you remain unnoticed.

Bad part? Your good characterics has been pushed aside. Yet every single flaw has been noticed.

Worse than that? They will consider more of other people’s point of view, feelings, and situation.

The worst part? Your passion is slowly being crippled by the feeling of disregard from those you expect to notice and understand you.

You begin to ask, “How about me? I’m already on the edge of the cliff. Didn’t you notice how difficult for me to hang in there?

If you are in this situation, is it still worth enduring?

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