Alone? Perhaps.

Cold night. Staring at the bright moon.

Alone? Perhaps.

We may not know the existence of each other now, but sooon we’ll together stare at the very same moon I am staring at now.

Tonight, I’ll just sip my favorite WM while watching people pass by.

There’s Bolt waiting for me, but we’re both waiting to fill in the passenger’s seat by somebody who shares the same passion I have.

Soon we’ll go road trips together.
I’ll drive until my feet hurts, then you’ll fill in the spot.

Soon we’ll hit the beach & bum ’til our eyes droop, haha!
You’ll be my strength in braving the deep waters.

Soon we’ll travel together and witness the wonders of the world.
We’ll both whisper our prayers praising His majestic creations.

Soon we’ll reach our own aspirations in life, helping each other to be better without sacrificing the commitment.
I’ll be your right hand & you’ll be my strength.

Soon we’ll have coffee together.
Enjoying our favorite drinks while chatting even the smallest non-sense!

Tonight, I am praying. Asking for God’s guidance in my life to where he’ll lead me. Asking Him to prepare my heart & soul, so that when I’ll finally meet you.. . I am ready.

Cold night. Staring at the bright moon.

Alone? Perhaps. Alone but happy : )


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