Hey buddy!

Happy new year from MNL to somewhere-in-the-world-with-5-hr-diff! (Bakit kasi ayaw mong sabihin sakin kung nasaan ka??)


I was half-awake half-asleep at 4:50 am Manila time, then I passed out. Sorry dude, sleepyhead.

Anyway, thanks for always being there! Kahit na bully ka at wala kang ibang sinabi kundi ang bilog-bilog ng mukha ko. K, fine. Ang gwapo mo e.

From elem to hs to college to work life to all our life’s frustrations to love problems (sorry naman sa paulit-ulit kong rants) :: You were there. A good listener.

From phone calls to text messages to ym to fb to video call – o diba shala na natin, video call! Thru all means of communication, you never failed to reach out.

I miss us & your random tambay sa bahay. Miss ka na rin ni Bolt! Haha.

Take care there. Your master & the rest of the family wishes you all the happiness! Happy new year!

* When are you gonna go home?


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