Achievement unlocked!

If there’s one thing I want to happen in my life that I am very sure of, that is, I want to work in an academe.

6 years ago, I pursued post graduate studies with no particular reason. Maybe I just needed a distraction from a failed admiration, haha! (insert Oct 2011 resignation-story-here-of-bleep LOL)

In the course of studying, I came to realize that I enjoy sharing knowledge & experiences to my fellow graduate school students while facilitating different topics in the class. I love FGDs, simulations, realistic previews of different industries, and many more.

As much as I hate doing research, I enjoyed doing it because I was able to exercise my scientist-practitioner skills. And as much as I hate mathematics, I enjoyed it because statistics gave implication to my data. Equal footing. Fair enough.

I finally earned the degree 2 years ago & got my professional license in the field a year after.

And just recently, I started lecturing. Words can’t describe the exact level of happiness I am feeling. I am so enthusiastic that I was an hour earlier for my first class! Not to mention I came all the way from the other side of the metro. Talk about effort & excitement!

I have a straight 6-hour class, and gee, you need to have a lot of energy…. & voice. Nevertheless, the experience is fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling – – being able to impart knowledge to the young ones 🙂

Thank You Lord for another achievement unlocked! I am forever GRAteful!

09 March 2017.


Good vibe

It’s been a while since I share my random experiences. And lately I’ve been posting my melancholic side. Nonetheless, I’m feeling good today so might as well share the good vibe, right?

I’ve posted about my life goals early this year: Adventures. Contentment. Success. And hey, as of October, I was able to tick these off my bucket list! Thank you Lord!

I’ve been to different places.
I’ve stayed with my current profession.
I’ve achieved another milestone in life.
I did 11 (and still counting) activities for the first time.

All these because of His provision & guidance.

I’m excited to share all of these experiences in my future entries, so stay updated & I hope I get to inspire & share my world through my blog.

11 Nov 2016 10:17 AM


“It was like a labyrinth, and I got lost when I was searching my way out.”

DEEP. I got this text message from A friend last night. He can’t find his way out of the studio. He could have used the term ‘maze’ instead. Lol

The moment I read the word labyrinth – it lingered on my mind & reflected on it. My friend & I were both attending a necrological service, so I had a double dose of reflection about life & my own mortality.

We are all experiencing a labyrinth of our own lives.

I remember when I was younger, my mom used to enrol me to different alternative classes during summer break. I had swimming, piano, & ballet lessons. Then we used to go ice skating & bowling every other day. At that point, I was figuring out what my special skill/talent is.

I only learned basics in my swimming lessons. The waters scared the hell out of me.

I was not able to attend my first piano recital. Blaaah. I used to have stage frights then. I was under my instructor at Yamaha at first, then our Church’s Deacon followed through. Then I stopped. I easily got frustrated of myself.

Just the same, I was not able to attend my first ballet recital. I was so scared of the audience. And I can’t even give a perfect split!! So I stopped.

I did not have a formal ice skating lessons but I used to skate every other day. I enjoyed this activity a lot! It felt so magical dancing on the ice!

Then I usually pinch hit with my dad, brother & uncle with their bowling lessons.

During those times, I was so lost. I wasn’t able to finish the course of my alternative classes. The activities & expectators gave me a huge fright. I envied other kids who were so cool & bold.

During gradeschool & highschool, I used to be the class president & my classmates call me Ate (elder sister). This experience honed me to initiate over tasks & lead the class whenever needed. So I thought of, maybe God gave me this gift: leadership. I may not be skilled with sports and performing arts, but maybe yes on this one. I was appointed as class president again during college.

I can say that these experiences strengthened my skills in dealing & coordinating with different people.

Choice of degree for college. I used to like culinary arts before but when our Youth Pastor handed me his Psychology & Counseling book, it gave me a different insight. So I applied for BS Psychology as my first choice & AB Communication Arts as my second choice – both from the Maroon & Yellow universities in the country. I got in the Yellow team & pursued Psychology.

There are a lot of CA degree holders wishing to work with tv stations, independent movie producers and the like. I had a degree in Psych but I got in for a work in this field – broadcasting/performing arts. I may not pursued CA back in college but I had the best of both fields: HR/Admin work + CA environment. I got lost when choosing a degree in college but the Unmoved Mover of my life lead me to where I am now.

Masteral. Clinical or Industrial? I am driven to pursue Clinical. But my working experience is with the Industrial setting. I practically pursued Industrial & was able to finish my degree.

Those were the complexities of my labyrinth for the past 2 decades of my life. If it were a maze game, I already surpassed Stage 1 and 2. Going on to Stage 3.

Stage 3: I am struggling but I am holding on. Despite the recent stressors I am facing everyday, I am forever grateful that God never loses his favor on me.

I am facing irregularities. Lost to my own feelings & emotions. Lost to my own aspirations.

The person I REALLY like & praying for – OR – … . 

To stay with my current profession – OR – to explore more.

Board review – OR – Doctoral.

Continue my drums lessons – OR – try ukulele.

I am forever grateful though. Grateful for what I have now & for all the blessings. As what I’ve written in my prayer journal: Adventures. Contentment. Success.

We all have our own complexities in our labyrinth of life but as long as we have goals and we laid it all in faith, prayers, and petitions, we can overcome and we will be victorious!

Let me have an analogy from my friend’s word, and thank you for inspiring me to ponder on this thought:

Life is a labyrinth – there will be different paths & you will get lost while searching. Head on. Gear up & focus. Enjoy the bumpy ride. Finish each stage at a time. There will definitely be a beautiful outcome. As what it is written in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:11 – For He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Hey buddy!

Happy new year from MNL to somewhere-in-the-world-with-5-hr-diff! (Bakit kasi ayaw mong sabihin sakin kung nasaan ka??)


I was half-awake half-asleep at 4:50 am Manila time, then I passed out. Sorry dude, sleepyhead.

Anyway, thanks for always being there! Kahit na bully ka at wala kang ibang sinabi kundi ang bilog-bilog ng mukha ko. K, fine. Ang gwapo mo e.

From elem to hs to college to work life to all our life’s frustrations to love problems (sorry naman sa paulit-ulit kong rants) :: You were there. A good listener.

From phone calls to text messages to ym to fb to video call – o diba shala na natin, video call! Thru all means of communication, you never failed to reach out.

I miss us & your random tambay sa bahay. Miss ka na rin ni Bolt! Haha.

Take care there. Your master & the rest of the family wishes you all the happiness! Happy new year!

* When are you gonna go home?

Out of my head

I was browsing through my old blog entries when I ended up to this post: Random me: the freakygra ambition.

I turned 27 this year. Thru God’s grace, I was able to finally finish my MA degree last May. It feels so good fulfilling your dreams, one step at a time.  There are soooo many thoughts in my head lately: Should I pursue teaching in the Academe? Should I pursue my license for RPm? Should I enroll for a Doctoral Program? Should I engage myself in activities not related in the field of Psychology, say Music or Culinary or Photography? Should I look for a better job?

I know God has greater plans for my life so I am praying and patiently waiting where He’ll lead me.

For now, I’ll stop ranting about love. I hope the Relapse entry below would be the last. I received an eye-opener message from a good friend after I posted that entry, hope he wouldn’t mind if I post it here? I’m pretty sure you will see this entry. “KJ”, Let me know if you want to take this down.

hello my little sister,
i feel you. been there in a somewhat one sided relationship from my past.
it wasn’t a very beautiful thing that i experienced but had no one to blame but myself.
if i were in your place, the only way for you to move on is to tell the person. however, would you be able to accept should he reject you? remember, the past couple of years that both of you have been together, and yet he doesn’t seem to notice you, there is a high probability that he is really just not interested with you. that may seem harsh but these are the words you needed to hear in order for you to have a grasp of reality and move on.
you are not holding on to something best for you. you are simply SETTLING FOR SECOND BEST, and you do not deserve that.
give yourself credit.
you are a beautiful and amazing woman. you have a great sense of humor and so much passionate about your ambitions.
would you throw those all away to someone who might not appreciate your true nature and the love that is bursting from your heart?
how long have you been waiting for the universe to show you a sign or just something to show that there is a slightest chance for love? have you been holding it in your hand ever so tightly for such a long period of time that your hand starts to bleed?
that is not love. that is pain and desperation.
learn to let go. time has come for you to confront him, tell him about your feelings, and if he rejects you, then cry. but this time, let that be the last and final chapter of this story.
tell me honestly, even if he accepts you, do you honestly believe that he is the one for you? do your goals in life match? is he into commitment? does he love God as much as your love for Him?

5 stages of grief (denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance)
this is when you begin to deny your feelings for the guy, which obviously isn’t where you are at right now
this is either geared towards yourself for acting stupid, or for the guy for being so dense and blind and just ignorant of your presence
you begin to think, maybe i should wait for the right time? maybe i should ask for a sign? maybe i should just be happy loving him and ask nothing in return? sounds familiar? because this is where you are right now.
this is where the ultimate confession has been made. all card are laid on the table. all your questions have been answered like does he love me? and he tells you straight in the face and says NO. you have arrived at a point that you pity yourself, you feel sad being rejected.
finally, the best stage of all. accepting that there is more to life than finding the right man. you can shift your emotions and focus on other things. let go and let God do the work.

you know what? your feelings for this guy isn’t growing. it is your desperation that is growing. how can you consider this to be love when it hurts so much.
love is something that inspires you to be better. it isn’t just a feeling or a moment. it is supposed to change your life.
i apologize if my words hurt you. i do not like sugar coating them to make the other feel better.
but do remember….you deserve only the best in what life has to offer. do not settle for 2nd best just to have it.

poor analogy: i do not buy cheap lens. i buy nikon lens. they are expensive, i know but it will last me for such a long time. so what do i do? i save money in order to buy the best.

life application: you wait. believe me, setting for the wrong person is worse than having no one to share your love and life with.

do take care, my little sister.

There there. So from today onward, I’ll be better. If I’ll be having a relapse again, please paki batukan ako!

Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication, it was hard to find

Don’t matter what I say only what I do
I never mean to do bad things to you
So quiet but I finally woke up
If you’re sad then it’s time you spoke up too

Excerpt from Out Of My Head song by Fastball.

Protect my heart, Heavenly Father. Your love is better than anybody else’s.

Copy & Complete: Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book is the new craze! Just like those who escape toxic from work by destressing through art therapy, I also got hooked with this fad! 🙂

I recently bought these items from Fullybooked. There are a lot of coloring books to choose from, but I got interested with Barron’s Amazing Copycat Coloring Book.

Why? Well…

1. I am not that artsy-fartsy type of girl and I have decision-issues, haha. I can’t decide which color to use in shading patterns. But this copycat book offers a twist which inspires self-expression through imitation.

2. I hate detailed floral patterns / mandalas / etc.  It’s so small and too difficult for me to finish. But this copycat book offers action-packed patterns like motorcycle, rocketship, animals, cars; which are mostly my interest.

3. I paid for P299 only. Other books cost P475 up.

I also bought these SAX (36) color pencils which costs P475.

So here’s my first accomplished piece:

Copy…. and color! Happy coloring! Brooom!

Fan much? Fun much!

I actually won a Meet and Greet & Pit Walk Pass from Globe Slipstream 2.0 event at BGC held yesterday, June 27, 2015. I was like screaming in the office, late night, when I saw my IG handle from the list of winners!

The mechanics of the contest was to simply post your selfie with Marlon Stockinger with the caption:

” #IWantToMeetMarlon at #GlobeSlipstream on June 27 at BGC dahil iba ang #BilisNgPinoy ”

And so I made a collage out of the 5 selfies I have with the Prince of Speed! There were only 50 winners, and guess what? I got the 50th spot.

Haha! I’m so blessed, right? Thank You Lord! 🙂 


Fan much? Fun much!

Slowly getting back :)

Okay. So I was busy for the past 3+ years.

I entered Graduate School and finally finished my post-graduate studies. I juggled time at work, school, family, and Church.  Thru God’s grace, He guided me from start to finish. Thanks be to God. During these times, I was idle and most of time, missing in action. My friends and colleagues usually hang out, and there was me – rushing to go home to study / to prepare for my presentation / to work on my thesis / etc. I know I have lotta shortcomings to my dear friends and I sincerely apologize for that. Back at home, I usually lock myself in my room. Zoning out and focusing on my tasks at school. Sorry Dad. Sorry Mom. Sorry sib. But yeah, I was like this for the past 3+ years.

Now that I graduated, I am slowly getting back. 🙂

1. Doing grocery for the family and for my toiletry needs (you know, girl issues. lol)
2. Exercise
3. Random chitchat with random people around me
4. Reading novels
5. Watching K-dramas
6. Coffee sesh with friends
7. Going out on Saturdays
8. Travelling!
9. Me-time 🙂
10. Writing, blogging, photography
11. Long conversations with Dad, Mom, and sib
12. Shopping / Malling
13. Proper food intake
14. Driving anywhere.. . faraway!
15. Being spontaneous with different activities

More to come!

23 June 2015