Achievement unlocked!

If there’s one thing I want to happen in my life that I am very sure of, that is, I want to work in an academe.

6 years ago, I pursued post graduate studies with no particular reason. Maybe I just needed a distraction from a failed admiration, haha! (insert Oct 2011 resignation-story-here-of-bleep LOL)

In the course of studying, I came to realize that I enjoy sharing knowledge & experiences to my fellow graduate school students while facilitating different topics in the class. I love FGDs, simulations, realistic previews of different industries, and many more.

As much as I hate doing research, I enjoyed doing it because I was able to exercise my scientist-practitioner skills. And as much as I hate mathematics, I enjoyed it because statistics gave implication to my data. Equal footing. Fair enough.

I finally earned the degree 2 years ago & got my professional license in the field a year after.

And just recently, I started lecturing. Words can’t describe the exact level of happiness I am feeling. I am so enthusiastic that I was an hour earlier for my first class! Not to mention I came all the way from the other side of the metro. Talk about effort & excitement!

I have a straight 6-hour class, and gee, you need to have a lot of energy…. & voice. Nevertheless, the experience is fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling – – being able to impart knowledge to the young ones 🙂

Thank You Lord for another achievement unlocked! I am forever GRAteful!

09 March 2017.


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