Achievement unlocked!

If there’s one thing I want to happen in my life that I am very sure of, that is, I want to work in an academe.

6 years ago, I pursued post graduate studies with no particular reason. Maybe I just needed a distraction from a failed admiration, haha! (insert Oct 2011 resignation-story-here-of-bleep LOL)

In the course of studying, I came to realize that I enjoy sharing knowledge & experiences to my fellow graduate school students while facilitating different topics in the class. I love FGDs, simulations, realistic previews of different industries, and many more.

As much as I hate doing research, I enjoyed doing it because I was able to exercise my scientist-practitioner skills. And as much as I hate mathematics, I enjoyed it because statistics gave implication to my data. Equal footing. Fair enough.

I finally earned the degree 2 years ago & got my professional license in the field a year after.

And just recently, I started lecturing. Words can’t describe the exact level of happiness I am feeling. I am so enthusiastic that I was an hour earlier for my first class! Not to mention I came all the way from the other side of the metro. Talk about effort & excitement!

I have a straight 6-hour class, and gee, you need to have a lot of energy…. & voice. Nevertheless, the experience is fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling – – being able to impart knowledge to the young ones ­čÖé

Thank You Lord for another achievement unlocked! I am forever GRAteful!

09 March 2017.

Good vibe

It’s been a while since I share my random experiences. And lately I’ve been posting my melancholic side. Nonetheless, I’m feeling good today so might as well share the good vibe, right?

I’ve posted about my life goals early this year: Adventures. Contentment. Success. And hey, as of October, I was able to tick these off my bucket list! Thank you Lord!

I’ve been to different places.
I’ve stayed with my current profession.
I’ve achieved another milestone in life.
I did 11 (and still counting) activities for the first time.

All these because of His provision & guidance.

I’m excited to share all of these experiences in my future entries, so stay updated & I hope I get to inspire & share my world through my blog.

11 Nov 2016 10:17 AM

Moving out.

…when that’s the only solution you can think to keep your sanity.

Everything is so painful.

Everything becomes meaningless.

You always think I’m the strong one.

Little did you know that I’m weak.

But I need to wear my strong mask because I know you both need my back.

You both need my listening ears.

You both need my unbiased reasons.

Little did you know that I, myself, also need someone who can listen to all the pains I’ve been & continuously receiving.

As much as I can wear my happy mask, I am doing it.

As much as I can bear with all these shit, I am doing it.

But please…can you hear me just once?

I spoke once.

But I got rejected.

I spoke once.

But you said, I need to give more patience & understanding.

I spoke once.

But I became the bad person.

I just want to scream my heart out!

But I cannot.

Because you said that I am more capable of being understanding.

Can’t I scream?

Then you’re pushing me/us to move out.

Cease fire?

Yesterday & today was quiet. I’m at ease but somewhat worried of what will happen next.

I feel like a real adult now. Or should I say, I now understand HOW to act & think like an ADULT.

21 April 2016. 1:08am